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Robert Charles Gompers is a novelist, screenwriter, poet, and award-winning playwright whose plays have been produced across America over the last 20 years.


His most recent play, The Long Ride Home, won Best Play at The Fresh Fruit Festival at Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City. 


His performance piece, Once Upon A Time, a tongue in cheek fusion of nursery rhymes and political affairs, won the top prize at the North Carolina University Performance Poetry festival.


The next year he returned with, Poetry Slam, a piece that playfully mocked hipster poets, the art of bad verse, and poetry competitions. Much to his surprise, he was awarded one of the top prizes.


With over 25 plays to his credit, highlights include Museum, an interactive retrospective of women in history, to being commissioned to create a theatrical parody of American Idol. His play, Explosive Park, dealt with homophobia and violence within the gay community, while Neurasthenia (a nervous breakdown) featured Mrs. Martha Bernays-Freud analyzing misdiagnosed cases of female hysteria by her husband "and world-renowned smarty pants, Sigmund."  

Mr. Gompers' weekly column on writing and inspiration is currently featured on the website and instagram platforms for The Writing Champions Project.

He is presently finishing his fifth novel and adapting his four-book series, The Gory Guide to Dating as a television series.

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